LED luminaires «LedLamp»

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Manufacturing process


Design of LedLamp luminares is based on the family of structural aluminum extrusions developed by our company’s specialists and manufactured in Ukraine. Design of the profiles allows assembly of various options of LedLamp fixtures.

At the mechanical processing site, profiles are cut into blanks of structural elements from which the future lamp of a particular model will be assembled. The blanks then undergo further automatic machining by the milling equipment with CNC, operating under programs written by our company’s specialists individually for every lamp model. It helps achieve high precision of machining and repetitiveness of LedLamp products’ parameters.

Elements of mountings, including console, ceiling and rotating mountings, are manufactured at the same site.

LED light bulbs with parameters required for a particular LedLamp lamp model are installed at the assembly site. Our lamps use only Japan-manufactured LEDs directly imported by our company. There, one of the six modifications of the power supply designed by our company’s specialists and assembled by our electronics unit using component parts from the world’s leading manufacturers is installed in the future lighting fixture.

Subsequently, after testing the lamps undergo final assembly and quality control procedures with regard to the product’s assembly and main parameters. After the 24-hour operation and continuous control of stability of every lamp’s illuminance by the computer system, the consignment is packaged and transferred to the finished products warehouse.