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Our company’s mission is creation, development and implementation of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies.

PMB Gas was founded in 2003 as a research and production base for manufacture of new-generation, environmentally-friendly refrigerants, such as highly-pure propane R290, propylene R1270 and isobutane R600-a. It helps reduce the use of chlorofluorocarbons R12 and R22 which deplete the ozone layer.

In 2010, our company engaged highly-skilled specialists to create a business unit which, supporting the idea of eco-technologies, began manufacturing highly-efficient energy-saving lamps that use super-powerful LEDs from the world’s leading manufacturers. As of today, our company’s lighting subdivision offers a wide range of energy-saving lamps for use in various industries:

  • External and internal illumination of industrial and commercial properties.
  • Illumination of roads, bridges and traffic junctions.
  • Illumination of architectural landmarks, office and maintenance facilities, housing properties.
  • Illumination of greenhouses.

A number of innovative solutions in design of our lamps are protected by patents.